New plan! South and North America: here I come!

After following a carpentry course for one year in Belgium, it’s time to hit the road again. I’ve always felt a very strong desire to explore South America. It just seems to offer so much beauty. So let’s go! I’m leaving end of August 2016.

And why not throw in North America as well? It’s the first time that I don’t have a deadline to get back to Belgium. So I’m guessing it will take me roughly two years to reach Canada/Alaska.

As usual I made a very unprofessional-looking map of the route. (this is not an exact route whatsoever, I’ll make make my way along the road).

I’m flying from Barcelona, Spain, to Sao Paulo, Brazil on the 22nd of September. And for the first stretch to Barcelona, my mum will join me. Let’s say it’s an extended version of saying goodbye 😉

Let’s do it!!!

Kaart route amerika's

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