Wouter Cocquyt started cycle touring at the age of 14 and never backed off. Every summer holiday, he and a friend would set off on a one or two month trip through Europe. Soon the dream came to make a worldtrip by bicycle. At the end of secondary school he still had no clue what to study next, so he decided to take a gap-year and cycle across Asia. By Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, China and South-East Asia, he ended up in Malaysia after 9 months on the road, covering 19.000 km. Then he finished off by hitchhiking around Malaysia and Indonesia for three months. It’s then that he discovered his passion for photography.

When back in Belgium, he started studying photography at the School of Arts in Ghent. In the meanwhile he also got his degree in bicycle technique and started working in a bike shop to start saving for future adventures.

But after one and a half year of studying the traveling bug was itching again and he had to continue cycling and photographing the world.

So he set off again. This time his goal was to reach South Africa. He was intrigued by the west side of the continent and without much further planning, he soon picked up his nomadic lifestyle again.

It was only thirteen months later that he managed to smell the fresh sea air at Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, after covering 21.000 km. When he flew back, he felt that he had unfinished business with Africa. That he had to return one day, maybe to cycle down the east coast.

There are so many parts still left undiscovered, but this 23 year old adventurer is in no rush. After completing with his carpentry course at the end of 2016 he will be on the road again. South America awaits…